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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

About VoiceWorks Productions

Founded in 2002 by Douglas Carrigan and based in Los Angeles CA, VoiceWorks Productions provides a full range of voiceover and new media production services.

We consistently deliver first rate voice talent (just ask our clients…)  for animated titles as well as integrate existing and original talent into film and TV based ancillary products. We simplify the tasks of casting, talent negotiation, recording and delivery.

About The Team

Douglas Carrigan

Douglas has a BA in Theatre from Dalhousie University and is also a graduate of the Banff Center for Fine Arts and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Following an early career as a performer, he gravitated towards production and went to work for Walt Disney Studios. It was there he began his career in VO directing and producing. Since forming VoiceWorks Productions in 2002, he has worked on hundreds of titles with some of the top names in the business. But what he really wants to do is play professional hockey for the LA Kings. Anyone?.. Anyone?

Lara Carrigan

With a degree in Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University in Nova Scotia and a background in Fine Art, Lara takes a creative approach to everything she does. Since its inception, Lara has been working to help grow VoiceWorks Productions. With a proven track record in marketing and communications, Lara spent her early career in Publishing. She was once the youngest Publisher in one of Canada’s largest newspaper chains. In her spare time she can be found volunteering at the Getty Museum as an Educational Art Docent. She hopes to one day have one of her paintings replace that old one in the Sistine Chapel.

Production Coordinator
Tanika Conroy

Tanika has been with VoiceWorks Productions since 2008. Since receiving her BA from Cal State Los Angeles in Communications, she’s held various titles that have allowed her to live her passion for helping others. She has a knack for creatively and diligently organizing chaos (physically and mentally), and once worked as a Life Coach (long story). When she isn’t chauffeuring her children to their many extracurricular activities or busy organizing events and snack schedules as the “Team Mom”, she’s somewhere doing unconventional yoga and meditation. Its rumored that Tanika was the inspiration for the TV character “Olivia Pope”.

Production Manager
Jaimie Johnson

Jaimie brings over 16 years of experience in audio, voiceover, production, and technology. With a degree in Recording Arts from Full Sail University and a fun-loving personality she landed a long-time audio engineering position at a post studio in Santa Monica, California. Fun fact—VWP was a client during Jaimie’s decade there (guess she made a lasting impression). Since those studio days, she ran an audio post production company alongside her husband, built out a (killer) home studio, pursued a successful tandem career in technology, grew four humans, and took up photography. She’s a bit of an overachiever—but we won’t hold it against her.

Studio Dogs

Cooper is an accomplished Fly Ball athlete, who is currently in training for US competition. Cooper enjoys sleeping on laps, sleeping on beds and licking people’s faces. He once ate an entire steak dinner without even feeling full. Despite being only 11 pounds, he knows he is the biggest dog in the room.


Jack & Jasmine - Best Studio Dogs ever!

Jack and Jasmine at NS beach Sept 2012_2